Moving Abroad for a Job

Moving house can be stressful at the best of times, let alone moving to an entirely different country to start a new job. Although you will be making a big move, it will be worth it if it means getting to do a job you love. Here we will provide our top tips for those thinking of moving abroad for a job.


If you are moving to a new country to work, it is important to make sure you have all of the paperwork in order first!

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Visit the country

Before you make up your mind whether or not to take a job abroad, we highly recommend visiting the country that you will be required to move to. Although you may know other people that have lived or holidayed in the country, it is always best to make your own mind up, rather than relying on their impressions. Visit the country with your family to decide whether the culture and lifestyle suits you all.

Find out whether your new employer offers a relocation package

Moving to a new country for a job is not like moving to the next city or even across the country. It will require you and your family to adopt a completely different lifestyle and culture. Moving to a new country can also be expensive. This is why many employers offer employees relocation packages as a way of providing compensation for the cost of moving and as an incentive to take the job. Before agreeing to take the job abroad, enquire about a relocation package. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Don’t delay planning

As soon as you have accepted the job, start planning your move. Getting all the necessary paperwork in order can take a lot of time; so the sooner you start it, the better chance you stand at having an efficient and stress-free move. We recommend making a checklist of everything you need to do and setting a strict budget for your relocation.

Sort out your visa

When planning your move, you will need to make sure you have read up on the specific visa requirements for the country you will be living and working in. This is something that your new employer overseas should be able to help you with. It is important that your visa is approved so you can have the peace of mind that you will be living and working in the country legally.

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Make sure that you apply for your visa and visas for your family members well in time for your move.

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Check health care facilities

Something you will also need to consider is health care. Make sure that the country you are moving to have good health care facilities for you and your family. This is particularly important if you or a member of your family has an existing medical condition. Health care may be something you can negotiate into your relocation package or may be something your new employer offers as a benefit to employees and their families.

Sort out your banking

When planning to move to a new country for a job, you may find that you need to open a new bank account in that country. You will also need to tell your current bank that you are moving abroad. It will be easy to set up a new bank account in the country you are moving to, however it is still best to do this as early as possible so you can be paid your wages on time


Moving abroad for a job is a big decision to make, but for many people it is the best decision they will ever make. Providing that you plan your move in advance and that your new employer provides support, there is no reason why your move cannot be efficient and stress-free.

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